GEO 505/GEO 506

Topics in 506 (Fall) include the origin and interior of the Earth, plate tectonics, geodynamics, the history of life on Earth, the composition of the Earth, its oceans and atmospheres, past climate. Topics in 505 (Spring) include present and future climate, biogeochemical processes in the ocean… Read more


GEO 523/ CEE 572

This course familiarizes students with the approaches used in assembly and annotation of metagenomes, single-cell genomes and metatranscriptomes and how to utilize the processed data to address phylogenetic and functional diversity in the environment.

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GEO 255A/AST 255A/EEB 255A/CHM 255A

Topics include: the origin of life on Earth; the prospects of life on Mars, Europa, Enceladus and extra-solar planets. Students will also compete in class to select landing sites and payloads for the next Mars mission. 255A is the core course for the Planets and Life certificate.


GEO 503 / AOS 503

This course educates Geosciences and AOS students in the responsible conduct of research using case studies appropriate to these disciplines. This discussion-based course focuses on issues related to the use of scientific data, publication practices and responsible authorship, peer review,… Read more