Tullis Onstott Memorial Symposium May 2022

TCO Memorial Symposium

Tullis Onstott walking in lake

Tullis Onstott, Yellowstone Field Trip 2006, Photo by Danielle Schmitt


Schedule of Presentations from Saturday, May 14, 2002

Link to recording of MORNING TALKS: PART 1

Bess Ward, Welcome

Tullisse A. Murdock, Family

Lincoln Hollister, Geosciences

Wilson Teixeira/David Phillips , Paleomagnetism

Paul Renne, Argon Dating

Chris Hall, Argon Dating

David Phillips, Argon Dating

Ching-Hua Lo, Argon Dating

Jim Lee, Argon Dating

Link to recording of AFTERNOON TALKS: PART 2

Lisa Pratt, Astrobiology

Tommy Phelps, Geomicrobiology

Susan Pfiffner, Geomicrobiology

Tom Kieft, Geomicrobiology

Esta van Heerden, Geomicrobiology

Mary DeFlaun, Geomicrobiology

Rick Colwell, Geomicrobiology

Li-Hung Lin, Geomicrobiology

Cara Magnabosco, Geomicrobiology

Maggie Lau Vetter, Geomicrobiology

Yuheng Chen, Astrobiology


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To commemorate the life and contributions of Professor Tullis Onstott *81 a day-long symposium in his honor, was hosted by the Department of Geosciences at Princeton University on May 14, 2022 (9 AM - 4 PM). Download the Memorial Booklet.