GEO 523/ CEE 572

Course focuses on microbial interactions with a wide range of terrestrial environments and the bioenergetics of microbial respiration coupled to mineral diagenesis and hydrocarbon degradation. Students learn how to use Geochemist Workbench and PhreeqC to model their own experimental or field data and how to construct thermodynamic data sets using SUPCRT92. Course is part lecture and part seminar, and contains a computer lab. Undergraduates who have taken GEO363 or GEO417/428, or who convince the instructor that they have adequate geochemical and microbiological training are welcome.

This course familiarizes students with the approaches used in assembly and annotation of metagenomes, single-cell genomes and metatranscriptomes and how to utilize the processed data to address phylogenetic and functional diversity in the environment.

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